Look for these four features to find a great Portland mattress store.

There are hundreds of mattress and furniture stores in the Portland area, and choosing a good one can be difficult. To make your decision easier, look for these top four features to find a great Portland mattress store:

1. Multiple locations – Mattresses aren’t easy to transport. You can tie it to the roof of your car, borrow somebody’s pickup truck, or pay for long-distance delivery, but none of these choices are ideal. The best thing to do is choose to buy from a Portland mattress store with numerous locations so that you can make the transportation process much easier and less expensive. Simply order from the location that’s closest to home!

2. An online store – If you aren’t able to go on a shopping trip to the physical mattress store, an online store is useful. A great Portland mattress store should always have an online store where you can purchase mattresses, bed frames, sheets, mattress pads, and other accessories anytime you or your family needs one.

3. Good warranties – A good mattress store will stand behind its products by offering long-term warranties. If their mattresses are as high quality as they advertise, they’ll guarantee you a replacement product or your money back for 15, 20 or even 25 years. Never buy a mattress from a store that doesn’t offer a good warranty; you could end up with a faulty product that you have to replace yourself.

4. Variety in mattresses – A great mattress store should always have lots of mattress options available on-site. They should have a variety of brands, materials, fabrics, models, and designs for every person and body type. If such a selection isn’t available, you might be forced to buy a mattress that isn’t ideal for you.

If you are looking for a good, reputable Portland mattress store, come and check out Parklane Mattresses today. We’ll help you find the perfect mattress for your home!