We spend a third of our lives asleep, so the bedroom is certainly one part of our homes that should be decorated. But in these budget-conscious times, most of us don’t have a fortune to spend on interior designs. So here are some bedroom decorating ideas on a budget:

1. The bed – This is the central point of focus in the bedroom, and should be in proportion to the room’s overall size. Too large, and it crowds everything else out; too small and the room seems empty. Here at Parklane, we can help with our fantastic selection of mattresses and bed frames. For example, our standard bed frame offers great support and adjustability; giving you the flexibility to pair it with the right mattress/box spring set for you.

2. Bed coverings – On our site you’ll find sheets in a wide variety of fabric and color choices. So whether you like your bedroom bright and energetic, or soothing and restful, we can help you set the mood. And when you’re on a budget, pick a duvet cover in a neutral tone, so it can blend in with a variety of shades. Our Novosuite Cluster Ball Fibre Duvet comes in a luxurious off-white that works well with any décor, especially with its 230+ organic cotton exterior and generous fiber stuffing. That way, you can makeover your bedroom with new colors as often as you want without having to buy a new bed cover every time.

3. Traffic lanes – Keep open areas at least 24 inches wide so you can move around the room easily and give the room an inviting appearance. Deal with clutter by using under-bed storage containers and other creative solutions.

4. Don’t forget the foot – Of the bed, that is. Almost nothing beats an end-of-bed chest or trunk there, both for looks and practicality. But a bench, coffee table, or even two chairs can look great there as well, when creatively decorated.

5. Wall art – This is largely a matter of personal taste, of course. But here’s a suggestion: mirrors grouped together on the wall enhance appearance and make the room seem larger. Give it a try.

Our mission at Parklane is to not only help make your bedroom more beautiful, but also more restful and relaxing. So take a few minutes to look through our site and see what we have to offer.