We all know that sleep is important. But for children, it’s even more crucial. In fact, most studies show that kids up to age 12 need at least 9.5 to 11 hours of sleep a day. That’s much more than the traditional “eight” we’ve heard over the years.

Why is sleep so important for kids? And what benefits of sleep can kids reap if they get enough? Here are just a few:

  1. Strong immune systems – Sleep helps improve a child’s immune system, making it stronger and better at warding off disease, infection, and viruses. This is crucial if you want to keep your little one from getting sick or developing unwanted health conditions!
  2. Boosts memory – Sleep gives the brain time to organize and store thoughts for the day, making them easier to recall and remember later on. By getting plenty of sleep, your child can boost their memory and even learn new principles and skills faster.
  3. Improves focus and concentration – More sleep also improves your child’s ability to focus and concentrate on tasks at hand. Without enough sleep, they’ll find it hard to pay attention, and they’ll be distracted, sleepy, and inattentive.
  4. Healthier bodies – Proper amounts of sleep are linked to lower rates of obesity, meaning if your child gets plenty of sleep each night, they’re statistically less likely to have weight issues later on. Since obesity can cause innumerable health problems, this can improve their overall health and well-being greatly.
  5. Improves mood Sleep also improves mood, while lack of sleep predictably does the opposite. A child without enough sleep will be cranky, unhappy, and hard to please. Tantrums will be much more likely, too!

For children, the benefits of sleep are endless. If you want your child to enjoy all these advantages and more, make sure they’re getting plenty of beauty rest every night. Give them a set bed time, and invest in a new mattress that will help them sleep solidly and soundly the whole night through. Stop by Parklane Mattresses today to find the perfect one.