Want to give your home a makeover this summer? Then we’ve got some ideas that can help. These contemporary interior design trends aren’t just beautiful, they’re easy to execute, too!

Check them out to see if one might work in your own home:

  1. Mix and match styles – Not everything has to match perfectly or come from the same set. In fact, you can mix styles, patterns, colors, and even eras all in one room. Get a classic wood dining table, and surround it with colorful enamel chairs. Purchase a classic leather couch, and amp it up with bright pillows, a comfy recliner, and a modern end table.
  2. All-over symmetry Making a room symmetrical – paintings placed at the same height, lamps on both sides of the couch, matching tables on either wall – is a huge trend nowadays. It’s super easy to achieve, too; all you need is a measuring tape and a leveler.
  3. Bookshelf accents – People are putting bookshelves everywhere: under the stairs, above the foyer, or in the hallway. Step back, and take a look at your home’s spaces. Is there somewhere a bookshelf could add a little extra pizzazz?
  4. Wood walls – Wood walls, particularly reclaimed wood ones, are all the rage right now. All you need are some planks of wood, a spare wall, and some nails. A few hours later, you’ll have transformed your home into a rustic haven.
  5. Bold light fixtures – Large chandeliers, oversized lamps, and hanging lanterns are a common sight in most professionally designed homes nowadays. They establish a great focal point in the room, and they also make it larger, thanks to all the added light they offer.

Want more contemporary interior design ideas? Then check out our Behind the Seams blog. Need a new bed or mattress for your transformed home? Stop by a Parklane Mattresses near you today.