When’s the best time to buy a mattress? That’d be as soon as you need one. Putting off a new mattress purchase can have consequences for your body, your physical health, and your mental capacity, making it harder to sleep, leading to aches and pains, and leaving you groggy and inattentive.

The truth is, the best time to buy a mattress can be any time of year – as soon as you start noticing a problem. These could include:

  1. Your current mattress is sagging or drooping – This means it’s no longer offering your body the support it once did. Its padding is thinning out, and it will only get worse from there.
  2. You’re waking up with aches and pains – You should wake up feeling better than when you lay down. If you feel worse, it’s a major sign that something is wrong. Your mattress probably isn’t holding up its end of the bargain anymore.
  3. You can’t get comfortable – Tossing and turning all the time? If it happens once, it may be a fluke. If it happens multiple times, it’s definitely your mattress at fault.
  4. Your mattress is squeaking or noisy When noises come from your mattress, it’s a big red flag. It usually means your coils are on their last leg, or something is broken within the bowels of the mattress. Either way, it’s not going to give your body the support it needs, and the problems will only worsen with time.
  5. You’re suddenly snoring Snoring often occurs when your back isn’t aligned properly during the night. This causes your airways to get blocked, leading to that awful snoring sound. If you start to snore out of the blue (and never have before), it may be a sign your mattress has seen its last days.

If your mattress is showing any of these signs, you should consider it the absolute best time to buy a mattress. Stop by a Parklane Mattresses location, and our staff members will help you find the perfect replacement for your budget, needs, and preferences.