An adjustable bed frame can truly change the way you sleep. It can allow you to fully customize your sleeping surface, and give you and your partner the freedom to sleep however you like – without bothering the other person.

Have you considered investing in an adjustable bed frame for your bedroom? If not, here are five signs you definitely should:

  1. You and your partner sleep in different positions. If you and your partner don’t like to sleep in the same position, why would you want to sleep on the same surface? It’s obviously not going to provide you both with the comfort you need. With an adjustable bed frame, you can each customize your side exactly to your preferences. It’s a win-win for both of you.
  2. You or your partner is uncomfortable in your current bed. Are either of you uncomfortable with your current mattress? Then it may be time to move on. An adjustable bed can give you both the chance to sleep comfortably and soundly.
  3. You regularly read, eat, or watch TV in bed. If you hang out in bed a lot, reading or watching movies, an adjustable bed can be a great choice. Just raise your torso, and easily sit upright without ever losing the comfortable support of your mattress.
  4. Your partner snores, tosses, turns, or moves a lot in the night. Do your partner’s sleeping habits disturb you? Then an adjustable bed is the perfect choice. With an adjustable bed, you’re virtually on different mattresses (albeit connected), so you won’t feel them tossing, turning, or getting up in the night.

An adjustable bed frame is especially helpful if you and your partner are on different sleeping schedules. It can help ensure neither of you wakes the other up while getting in or out of bed, providing a more restful sleep on the whole. Want to try out an adjustable bed frame for yourself? Come to a Parklane Mattresses location today.