If you want the best mattress, then you need to find the best mattress store in your area first. Unfortunately, not all shops are created equal, so doing this might be a little more difficult than it sounds. In fact, you may end up in a less-than-savory store and not even know it!

Next time you head to a mattress place, be sure to look around. If you notice any of these red flags, you’re definitely not in the best mattress store.

  1. You can’t find an employee. You should always be able to find an employee: to ask questions, to get help or just to navigate you around the store. If you can’t find one, that means they either don’t have the budget to afford many employees (not a good sign), or they just don’t care about customer service. Either way, it’s a bad deal.
  2. The prices are hidden. There shouldn’t be haggling or hidden fees in mattress shopping. You should know what you’re getting and what you’re paying up front, before you begin the purchase process. If you’re having trouble finding the prices on the mattresses you’re considering, it may be best to find another store.
  3. You’re not allowed to try out the products. Trying out a mattress is a must before you put down the cash. How else are you supposed to know if it’s the right fight? If a store won’t let you try out its floor models, consider this a sign that their products are less than quality.
  4. They try to upsell you. You came for a mattress. You don’t need 20 pillows, an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, and three different duvet options, and if someone tries to tell you that you do, it’s time to run for the hills. They probably only want your money.
  5. They charge extra for everything. Charging for delivery is one thing, but if a mattress store rings you up for the frame, the mattress guide, the help provided by a salesperson, or any other extras, you might want to rethink your purchase.

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