The master bedroom is a central focus of activity within the home. As such, it gets a lot of visual exposure, making it an ideal spot for interior design. So here are 5 tips and decorating ideas for master bedroom.

  1. Achieve unity between different elements with common materials and colors. Even if separate pieces weren’t made to match, you can still make them look great together by choosing items with closely matching shades. Items made of the same materials blend together nicely as well.
  2. Continuity between the bedroom and bath suite is important. Achieving it means using the same overall style for both rooms. For example, try using matching wallpaper throughout the space, as well as furnishings from the same design school. Good choices include traditional, modern, and colonial.
  3. Many larger master bedroom suites incorporate several rooms into a single area of the home. To emphasize the common nature of these spaces, don’t divide them up with closed doors and disparate styling. Instead, use wide openings, continuous flooring, and matching carpet to bring them together. If you need doors between separate areas, then use ones with clear glass panels.
  4. In multi-purpose bedrooms, the challenge isn’t so much to create unity as it is to establish zones for different types of activities. This can be accomplished by using distinctive materials and styles for each area. For example, the bed/sleeping area might be composed of traditional design elements, while a home office is set apart by choosing a contemporary-styled desk, chair, etc. Another way to accomplish this same effect is to use elevation changes with the room, such as having a raised platform for the bed. This divides it visually and spatially from surrounding elements.
  5. Reversing color schemes can achieve both unity and variety between separate rooms within the suite. For example, the bedroom might have brown as its dominant color, with white as an accent. The bath, on the other hand, could dominate with white, while using brown to add some variety to the look.

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