There’s nothing like being a new mom. That new little life depends on you, and it’s the greatest feeling you can imagine. Don’t you just want to show it off and tell the world?

Of course you do. And with these creative bedroom decorating ideas, you can. Work these into your room (or your little one’s), and start showing off your mommy pride today.

  • Baby pictures (and family pictures) – Hire a professional photographer to take some high-quality photos of your new baby, and also of you and your spouse holding them. These not only make great wall art, they’ll be memories you can cherish for years to come.
  • Shadow boxes – Fill shadow boxes with newborn memories, things like prints of their hands and feet, photos from their birth, their hospital bracelet, and other precious items. Hang one on the wall or set it on a decorative shelf to have on display for all to see.
  • Monograms – It’s no longer just you and your spouse in the house, so why not rearrange all the couple monograms to include your little one’s initial, too? These look great over the mantel, in picture frames, or simply stenciled on a wall.
  • Quote prints – There are tons of quotes that speak to new parenthood, and they look great as a graphic print on your wall or nightstand. One excellent choice: “Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.”
  • Birthstones – Do you, your spouse, and your child all have different birthstones? Make them a feature in your bedroom with hanging light pulls, adorned drawer handles, and other unique accents.
  • Rockers – What says “new mom” better than a rocking chair? Incorporate a chic model into your bedroom décor, and refurbish it with elegant fabrics and pillows. You can use it just to relax or read a book, or it can serve as a great place to feed your little one.

Are you proud to be a new mom? Then try these unique bedroom decorating ideas. Check out our blog for other creative ways to spice up your home décor.