Memory foam mattress sets offer these amazing benefits and more.

Memory foam mattress sets have become extremely popular over the past few years. Word has spread that they’re more supportive, more comfortable, and more durable than traditional types of mattresses, and people are clamoring to get them in their own homes, apartments and bedrooms. If you are still sleeping on a regular coil mattress, check out these seven benefits you will enjoy when you make the switch to memory foam:

1. They hold your shape. Memory foam mattress sets hold your shape better than traditional mattress sets. This adds comfort and ensures that you stay still, supported, and relaxed the entire night through. There’s no tossing or turning, and you’re able to get the most restful night of sleep possible.

2. They help make sure that you and your partner don’t disturb each other. With memory foam mattress sets, there’s no transfer of motion across the surface, which means you can roll over, move around, or even jump on the bed without your partner feeling anything. They’ll still be comfortable and supported, regardless of how much you shift during the night.

3. They support you better. Because memory foam mattress sets conform to each individual’s unique shape and form, they’re able to offer more all-over support than most mattresses. This allows your body to release tension and stress while you sleep, and it ensures that you’re comfortable the whole night through. It also helps to stimulate better circulation, keep your spine aligned, and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. They conform to your body. Memory foam mattress sets comfort to your body’s shape and size. They absorb your heat and then mold to match your every inch and curve, which takes pressure off your joints and keeps you from having to toss and turn in order to get comfortable. You’ll be comfortable from the second you get into bed until the moment you get out.

5. They last longer. Traditional mattresses will begin to show signs of wear and tear quickly. They’ll have dips where you and your partner lie, start to lose their strength and stability, and begin to sag and get uncomfortable. Memory foam mattress sets have been known to last up to 15 years, depending on the brand, which is much longer than traditional mattress sets that usually need replacing every five to 10 years.

6. They offer a more restful sleep. Memory foam mattress sets are able to distribute your weight more evenly across the surface than traditional mattresses can. This means you’re better supported, there are no painful pressure points, and you can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. This means a more restful, comfortable night of rest.

7. They’re clean. Another benefit of memory foam mattress sets is that they’re extremely clean. While most mattresses attract dust, dirt, and other allergens in their materials and fabrics, memory foam mattresses don’t. They’re resistant to mold, bacteria, and other problematic allergens, so they’ll keep you and your partner happy, healthy, well rested, and breathing easily.

Memory foam mattress sets can be life changing by improving your ability to get comfortable, fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel rested each and every day. This means better health, an improved mood, and more energy during the day.

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