Accessories can make or break a room. You can have the nicest furniture, the prettiest paint color, or the fanciest curtains, but without the right accessories to accent the space, you won’t have an overall pulled together design.

Do you want to up the ante in your home décor? Try adding a few of these amazing contemporary decorating accessories, and watch the magic happen:

A textured rug: Whether you have wood floors or built-in carpeting, a beautiful, textured rug can make a world of difference. Choose one in a complementary shade or tone, and look for interesting patterns, textures, and designs. It can be used to pull the room together, or serve as an interesting conversation piece on its own. Remember, it doesn’t have to cover the whole floor, either! A simple round one can look great under a table or at the room’s entrance.

A big, bold light fixture: This is one of the most game-changing contemporary decorating accessories around. Depending on your aesthetic, you can opt for something classy, like a chandelier or hanging lantern, or if you’re more modern, try something unique, like a large orb or twinkling string lights. Standing floor lamps are also a great addition, especially if your space is sparse on furniture.

A great piece of art: Artwork is just about the most classic addition you can make to a room. And you do not need to spend an entire paycheck on a piece – it doesn’t have to be by a world-renowned painter or artist. Simply choose something that speaks to you, something that’s interesting, beautiful, or just unique. If you’re the artistic type, you could even try painting something yourself.

Accent pillows: Who said your pillows all have to match? Go out and find a variety of pillows in different shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors, and use them to accent your couch, chairs, and furniture. Make sure they’re all complementary, but don’t focus on matching too much. The mixed-up variety will give your space a little personality.

Mirrors: If you’re looking for contemporary decorating accessories that can brighten up a room and make it feel larger and airier, mirrors are your best bet. They reflect light, giving your room a bright and happy feel. Extremely versatile, they’re also quite classic looking, and go great in gallery walls, around furniture, and in hallways.

Living walls: You have probably had house plants before, but this is something entirely different. Instead of just sitting a plant in a pot and placing it in the corner of a room, you instead line a wall with vases, jars, or planters, and let your plants “grow” along the wall. You can use flowers, herbs, ferns, or just about any plant you like, and it will add a fun, funky, and airy feel to your room.

A great wreath: Wreathes are not just for the holidays anymore. You can create a wreath for just about any time of year! Make an orange and red one for fall, line one with daisies and lilies in the springtime, and bust out the bright colors and water tones for summer. It will look great on your door, over the fireplace, or even just sitting on an end table.

Are you looking for a way to spice up your space and pull your home’s décor together? Then consider some of these exciting contemporary decorating accessories.
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