These bedroom wall decorating ideas are great for any home and any budget.

Walls are the biggest piece of real estate in our homes, offering thousands of square feet of decorating space and allowing you to transform your home and make it your own. You can paint them, fill them with pictures, add art to them, or do anything else you can think of, but if you’re not sure where to start on your home’s walls and need some inspiration, check out the following seven inexpensive bedroom wall decorating ideas:

  1. Build a mirror gallery – Nothing opens up a space and makes it feel more airy than a mirror gallery. Mirrors can often be expensive, particularly nice ones, so instead of shopping for new mirrors, head to a thrift shop and pick up whatever you can find. Look for different sizes, colors, and shapes, and build a beautiful gallery that fills up an entire wall. You can also go to a craft store and purchase plain mirrors and then paint or frame them yourself for a custom look.

  1. Hang bold plates – When it comes to bedroom wall decorating ideas, this is one of the most creative ones around. Simply go to a home store or thrift store and purchase bold, bright, patterned ceramic plates that match your aesthetic. Try varying hues and textures and pick out plates of all different sizes and shapes, then attach them to the wall in a cluster formation using wire plate hangers and nails. While this may seem like an idea that should be limited to the kitchen or dining room area, it can be translated to virtually any room in the house as long as you choose plates that are colorful and artsy.

  1. Frame a piece of your favorite book – If you have some books that speak to you or have influenced you in some way, incorporate them into your bedroom wall decorating ideas by tearing out or printing your favorite pages or passages and putting them in nice frames for display. You can opt for a shadow box and let your wall color shine through, or you can go with a traditional frame and use plain white or black matting behind them.
  1. Create a picture clothesline – Hang a piece of twine or thick yarn in an arch-like shape from one side of the wall to the other, print out favorite photos of you, your loved ones, friends, pets, and your best memories, then clip them to the line using clothes pins. This gives the space an organic, romantic feel while adding a personal touch to your walls.

  1. Use shutters – Shutters aren’t just for your windows; paint or stain them and use them as wall décor! Hang a set on the wall and put a picture or collage of pictures behind it so that when someone opens up the shutters, they’ll find a surprise. You can also use the slats of shutters for storing things like your mail, notes, bills, and other items to ensure you don’t lose them.
  1. Have fun with Scrabble letters – Use Scrabble letters to spell out your name or show off your favorite quote or phrase. Mount them directly on the wall, use a shadow box, or glue them to a canvas and frame it. This adds a personalized flair to your wall.
  1. Use a crib spring as a gallery – If you have an old crib spring you’re no longer using, strip it down and mount it on the wall. Use the wires and springs to store photos, mementos, ticket stubs, and other keepsake items, and put them on display for all to see. You can also use one to stay organized in the office or kitchen.

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