If you’re in need of decorating ideas for master bedroom areas, try out some of these nine easy options.
When decorating your home, few spaces deserve as much attention as the master bedroom. This area is where you’ll spend a large amount of time, and it should be a comfortable and attractive area in which to sleep and relax.

The following are nine easy decorating ideas for master bedroom spaces for you to incorporate into your home:

1. Mix up prints and patterns – Nothing makes a room pop like a variety of different colors, prints, and patterns. Go for a damask comforter, a chevron pillow, or a striped blanket on the bed, and paint an accent wall in your favorite shade or print. If you combine these with classic, clean-lined furniture, those patterns will pop even more!

2. Go vintage – Vintage themes work well in bedrooms because they have a romantic, cozy vibe. Integrate turn-of-the-century armoires, dresser sets and shelving, and then add accents in lace, floral prints, and subtle pastel colors. Extend this to the hardware by installing antique doorknobs and drawer pulls.

3. Create a gallery wall – One of the most popular decorating ideas for master bedroom spaces is to install a gallery wall, which is a large collage of décor that offers endless options. You can integrate pictures of your loved ones, hang artwork, decorative plates, or precious mementos, and put up mirrors, shelves, and other additions to mix it up.

4. Install a chandelier – A chandelier adds an air of elegance and luxury to a bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be the classic glass-and-polished-silver type. Consider installing an antique chandelier in bronze or gold, or paint a chandelier from an estate sale to match your theme. This will act as a focal point in your room.

5. Install a book wall – If your bedroom is fairly large, consider converting an entire wall into floor-to-ceiling shelf space and then filling the shelves with books, magazines, bookends, and other reading materials. You can also install a Beauty-and-the-Beast style ladder that slides across the shelving so you can reach those high-up novels when needed.

6. Add a window seat – This is one of the more traditional decorating ideas for master bedroom spaces. Window seats add a romantic, homey feel to a space, and they offer the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, or enjoying the view. Once installed, dress your window seat up with printed pillows and blankets to make it a comfortable place to be.

7. Create a wood-paneled wall – If you like the rustic, shabby chic look, consider installing a DIY wood-paneled wall on one side of the room. You can either purchase new wood from the hardware store or use recycled wood or pallet pieces. You can also stain the wood or leave it its natural tone – whatever best fits your aesthetic.

8. Build a four-poster bed frame – Nothing says elegance like an antique four-poster bed frame. Use rich, dark-toned woods and add sheer fabric over the top for a romantic canopy effect, and then climb in and enjoy the cozy feeling.

9. Focus on the ceiling – Few people think to jazz up their ceilings, but it can make a big difference in any room. If you have a rustic-themed bedroom, install wood beams on the ceiling for added appeal. If your room is more traditional, consider painting it a subtle color or adding patterned wallpaper. Don’t choose too dark a color, as this will make your space feel cramped.

If you want more decorating ideas for master bedroom areas, check out our blog, and if you’re ready to replace your sleep surface, come to Parklane Mattress today. We’ll help you find the perfect bed for your new room!

Try out these nine decorating ideas for master bedroom areas!