In a creative place like Portland, interior design trends are always changing. Last year, it was white kitchen cabinets, Ikat patterns, rose and topaz hues, and corduroy linens and upholstery. This year, all those are out, and a whole new lineup of interior design trends are on their way in.

Want to make sure your home or property stays with the times? Here are the top nine Portland interior design trends for 2015.

  1. Dark blue: Dark, deep blues are the “in” hues this season. Interior designers are using the color to paint full rooms, walls, trim, and moldings, and it’s even being used to line shelves and make cabinets “pop.” Dark blue is also popular for accents: pillows, lamps, curtains and other accessories. These look especially great against a light beige couch or chair.
  2. Mix-and-match furniture: Mixing and matching furniture from different eras is huge right now. All the trendiest kitchens have vintage, reclaimed wood tables with modern, sleek seating. It gives a throwback vibe while still being fresh and new. Mixing eras in the living room is popular, too. Designers are now opting for vintage tufted couches and mixing them with more modern tiled tables and accents.
  3. Black window trim: This one’s a big trend that has been gaining speed over the last year. It involves painting the trim around a window – include the little area around each pane – completely matte black. It ends up looking like eyeliner for windows, drawing in the eyes and making for a very cool focal point in a room. It looks especially compelling on bay windows, which often have many panes.
  4. Vintage and clawfoot tubs: Vintage has made its way to the bathroom, and clawfoot and vintage brass tubs are totally in right now. These give your space an expensive, luxurious vibe, while still remaining functional and useful. Vintage-inspired faucets, drawer pulls, and sinks make a great complement to these tubs should you opt to install one.
  5. Libraries: Not full-out library rooms, but smaller, accent libraries throughout the house have become very popular – things like built-in library shelving unit in the living room, a small library above your bed, or even using those high-up, hard-to-reach windows in your entry way as a library. Just install a sliding wooden ladder to reach them, and your home will have an ethereal, Beauty-and-the-Beast vibe.
  6. Driftwood finishes: Gone are the days of dark cherry wood and mahogany. Today, lighter wood shades are in, especially the driftwood stain. This gives a room a beach-like feel, making it cool, relaxing, and comforting. This stain looks particular great on mantels, trim, and molding, and it goes great with the dark blue hues of the season.
  7. Mixed metals: Forget using one type of metal accent throughout the room. Now, interior designers are mixing warm and cool metals all in one space. They’re starting with deep copper or rose gold and throwing in hints of silver and white gold to really make the room pop.
  8. Graphic tiles: Graphic, colorful tiles, particularly geometric ones, are especially popular this year. They’re cropping up on countertops, tables, bathroom walls and even floors. They give a room a young, hip vibe.
  9. Cut crystal: Cut crystal might look like something you’d see at an antique store, but it’s back in full force in 2015. Interior designers are using cut crystal candle holders, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and more to give a space a feminine, vintage feel.

Not quite sold on using these Portland interior design trends in your own home or property? Browse our Behind the Seams blog. for more ideas.