You want an Oregon mattress store with a knowledge sales staff to guide you through the process.

Shopping for a new mattress is not the same as shopping for a new bed. When you are choosing a bed, you base your need on style, taste, and room aesthetics. Chances are, this requires little outside help from the sales staff. When you are shopping for a mattress, however, things get more complicated. There are several things to take into consideration, and you want an Oregon mattress store with a knowledgeable sales staff to guide you through the process.

Sure, you can buy a mattress at a furniture store, but when you shop at an Oregon mattress store, you are dealing with people who sell nothing but mattresses, which means that they are more likely to have a certain level of product knowledge you may not find in a furniture super store.

The staff will be able to answer questions for you such as whether a memory foam or coil mattress is better for your needs, or whether you need firm or plush support for optimum rest. They will be able to offer expert advice that you may or may not already know, including the fact that how you sleep, whether on your side, back, or front, will make a difference in the type of mattress you select. They can offer mattress suggestions for people with sleep apnea and other sleep related issues.

At an Oregon mattress store, the service extends to after your purchase. The staff will be able to thoroughly explain the warranties and return policies. Also, should you need to return the mattress, they can help find a better fit for your specific sleep needs.

At Parklane, we take pride in being an Oregon mattress store that specializes in nothing but the best mattresses money can buy. We stand behind each and every product we sell, and our qualified staff of experts are unmatched when it comes to working with your needs and budgets. Come in or visit us online and see what we can do for you.