These small bedroom decorating ideas are great if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Decorating a small-sized bedroom can be difficult. Not only do you have to find the right furniture and décor to open up and beautify the space, but you also have to strike a unique balance between design and functionality. While you want the room to look good, you must also ensure that you have all the bedroom basics you need without it being too cluttered, cramped or disorganized. If you are struggling with how to decorate a small space, check out the following small bedroom decorating ideas that can help you make the most of your space at a budget-friendly, affordable price:

  • Floor to ceiling shelving – Install floor-to-ceiling shelves on at least one wall in the bedroom. Use it to store your books, clothes, decorative items, and more. You could put your computer on it and use it as a compact desk, or display your flat screen TV there to save on even more space.
  • Find places for underside storage – Utilize the underside of furniture for convenient and classy-looking storage. Install wire baskets or drawers under your desk top, nestle a vintage trunk under your bed, or find another way to work extra storage options into your furniture.
  • Go for double duty – Make sure you’re choosing furniture items that serve multiple purposes. Night stands with drawers can serve as small dressers, desks with built-in shelves can give you a place to display pictures and books, and bed frames with cubby holes can give you a great area to store clothes and shoes.
  • Find a large light fixture – Look at flea markets or hardware stores for an affordable, large-sized light fixture – one that will draw the eye toward the center of the room. This will help light up the space without the use of additional lamps and light fixtures, which could make the room seem cluttered and disorganized, and it will also give your room a focal point and help to brighten up and expand the space.
  • Integrate sheer fabrics – Dark fabrics will make your room seem smaller and more cramped than it really is, so choose sheer, see-through fabrics for your dust ruffles, curtains, valances, and other visible fabrics. These will give the space an open and airy feel, and they’re also budget-friendly.
  • Draw attention to the windows – When space is small, never cover up the windows completely, as this will leave the room feeling dark and more compact than it actually is. Opt for window treatments that highlight the area instead, such as window scarves or valances, and choose whites, pastels, or other light colors to brighten the space.
  • Utilize your closet to the fullest – Closets don’t have to be just for clothing; if you have a small bedroom, consider taking off the closet door and using the room as an extra addition to the space. Store your dresser inside, use the wall to hang pictures and artwork, or put your desk there for a quiet, set-off place to work.
  • Get smaller furniture – Focus on small, compact, petite-sized furniture. This is one of the most powerful small bedroom decorating ideas you can utilize. Choosing large or oversized furniture can draw attention to the room’s limited size and make it seem cramped, but smaller furniture will give your space a more expansive look. Smaller furniture is also cheaper than bigger pieces!
  • Elevate your bed – Consider putting your bed on risers or stilts, and give yourself room for a desk or dresser underneath. Not only is this a great way to free up space on your floor, it’s also unique and something you don’t see in many houses these days.

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