Once the kids have moved away, empty nesters tend to go into remodel mode. After all, those extra bedrooms are now freed up for the first time in decades! You can paint, refurbish, re-carpet, or do whatever else your heart desires – the choice is finally all yours.

Are you an empty nester who can relate? These fun and trendy bedroom wall decorating ideas will give you a great place to start:

  • Family photos: Just because the kids are away doesn’t mean you can’t still see them every day! Fill up your walls with family photos – ones from when they were babies, past vacations, proms, weddings, or even stuff from last weekend. Make your wall a veritable photo album of your family.
  • Mural: Are you the artsy type? Why not cover your walls in a beautiful mural? If you’re not exactly a painter, hire a pro instead. Allow them to get creative and paint on the fly, or simply tell them what you want the mural to look like and let them get to work. You can even pick out the paint colors!
  • Shadowboxes: Shadowboxes are like 3D picture frames, but instead of filling them with photos, you place in memories instead. You can put the cake topper from your wedding, the collar from your first puppy, and the corsage your daughter wore to prom. Use one to show off your favorite family memories for all to see.
  • Portrait: Since you’re no longer paying to feed and clothe a whole family, why not use that extra cash to commission a portrait? Have one done of just you and your spouse, or get the whole family involved. You could even get one of each member, and set up an entire gallery wall.
  • Wood wall: Have a rustic aesthetic in your home? Then this is one of the best bedroom wall decorating ideas for you. Head to the local hardware store, and pick up a number of two-by-four planks. Try to choose ones that vary slightly in shade and texture – this will give the wall a more authentic look. Then, have an employee cut the planks into smaller lengths, and don’t forget to buy some nails. Finally, head home, and start building your wall. Simply nail the planks one by one onto the wall until the entire surface is covered. You can even stain the wood first if you’re looking for a certain color or tone (just make sure to let it dry before you hang it!).
  • Foliage: Living walls are huge right now. All you need are a few vases, cups, or mason jars, and you can create one anywhere in your house. Just attach the vases to the wall, with the open side facing straight up. Once secured, fill them with a small amount of soil, insert a plant, and add water. Voila! This idea works great with flowers, succulents, or even herbs for your kitchen.
  • Letters: Instead of a gallery wall, why not build a letter wall? Let’s say your last name is Smith. Head to a few different stores, and pick up as many different “S” products as you can find – posters, bookends, whatever you like. Or create your own letter items out of buttons, paint, magazine cutouts, and anything else you can think of. Then, hang them on your wall in at different heights and angles, and keep adding to it whenever you can.

Need more bedroom wall decorating ideas? Check out more on our blog. If you want more help with your home décor, then come into a Parklane Mattresses location. One of our expert associates can help you find the right piece for your home and budget.