These bedroom wall decorating ideas are perfect for toddlers and children.

Decorating isn’t just about furniture and accents; it’s also about what you do with the walls. Walls offer a huge amount of real estate when it comes to decorating, and in a child’s room this space can be used for many different purposes. They can add a pop of color, inject personal flair, or even become a space for learning. Do you have little ones? Here are a few bedroom wall decorating ideas you may want to consider:

  • Chalkboard paint – Chalkboard paint is a great way to transform your children’s room and inspire their creativity at the same time. Use chalkboard paint to coat one or more walls in the room and turn that space into a real-life blackboard for your child. Stock up on colored chalk and let your child have fun drawing, coloring, and decorating their own room! Have them create a design and leave it up all year long, or encourage them to start over and try new things every day, week or month. They’ll love the creative freedom it gives them and the chance to explore and exercise their unique imaginations.
  • Wall stickers – Stickers are some of the easiest bedroom wall decorating products around! They’re perfect for decorating a space without a long-term commitment, and unlike paint or wallpaper, stickers can easily be removed or relocated at a moment’s notice. Get stickers like animals, movie characters, or scenery, and place them throughout your child’s room, then rearrange them regularly or change them out once your child outgrows them.
  • Homemade murals – If you really want to encourage your child’s creative freedom, let them treat their wall like a blank canvas. Give them stamps, finger paints, crayons and other materials, and let them create their own homemade mural. If you don’t want to commit to anything, you can use washable paints that can be rinsed away after your child is done.
  • Corkboard – Turn your child’s wall into a full-scale bulletin board by coating it in corkboard material, then let them hang pictures of friends, posters, games, and other fun items as they like. You can even use the wall to encourage learning by posting up the alphabet and helping your child learn to read, spell, and sound out words.
  • Velcro – Coat one wall in Velcro to create a real-life workspace for your child. Attach puzzle pieces and let your kid work puzzles in their own room, hang games, posters, and other interactive items, or use the wall to store stuffed animals, toys, and dolls so they don’t get lost in clutter.
  • Growth charts – Designate one part of your child’s wall as a growth chart. Use colorful pens, markers, or paints to mark their height each month, starting at when they first learn to stand. You can even have your child incorporate a handprint with each new mark so they can get a visual of how much they’ve grown.
  • Star charts – Encourage your child to do chores, follow rules, and behave appropriately by putting a star chart on their wall. When they’re polite, do as they’re told, or achieve something worth celebrating, give them stars for their efforts. When they reach a certain amount of stars, they get a prize!

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