Too many people put off buying a new mattress. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have the budget, or they’re too strapped for time. In most cases, however, people put off shopping for one just to avoid the hassle.

The truth is, buying a new mattress doesn’t have to be difficult. If you do some research, go prepared, and know exactly what you’re looking for, mattress buying can actually be quite simple.

Want to buy a new mattress but can’t stomach the headache and hassle? These tips can help:

  • Research ahead of time. Long before you set foot in a store, do some research online. Determine what type of mattresses you like, which ones fit your budget, and which ones suit your needs and space constraints.
  • Have a price range in mind. Sit down and evaluate your finances. How much can you afford to spend on a mattress? Do you need to finance it? Can you also buy the entire bed itself? Remember, you’ll also need a new box spring, bed frame, and linens, so allot enough cash for those items as well.
  • Scope out stores. Next, find a handful of good mattress stores in your area – ones with great customer reviews, convenient locations, and plenty of inventory (make sure your preferred mattress model can be found there!).
  • Talk to store employees. When it comes time to actually buy your mattress, don’t do it alone. Bring along your spouse or partner, and ask to speak with a store employee once you arrive. They’re well-versed in mattresses and pricing, and they can help you find the exact product to match your needs, budget, and preferences. They’ll help streamline the process for you, and make mattress buying a breeze.

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