There is only one rule that is certain, according to sleep researchers: if you doze off during the day, no matter the reason or the environment, you are not getting enough shuteye. As for the rest of sleep’s science, all bets are off. A number of sleep myths have made it difficult for people to discern what their snoozing needs are, the biggest being the necessity of hours per night, which science has proven will vary. Since everybody needs a different amount of sleep, universally important is just to have a good bed, like any twin pillow top mattress.

As a generalization, infants need around sixteen hours sleeping a day. Children up to the age of five need a minimum of ten hours sleep nightly. Beyond five and before twenty, people need around nine hours sleeping in bed. Between twenty and thirty-five adults need a full eight hours sleeping a night. From the age of thirty-five and up, adults are safe with as little as six hours in bed a night. It’s necessary to note, though, that all of these numbers are only based on averages.

Two factors play into how much sleep a person needs. The first is pure biology. There are people who simply function on five hours sleeping each night, without being drowsy or unhealthy. These people are rare, but they do exist and research cannot ignore those statistics. The second factor is sleep quality.

When a person has on old junk bed with metal coils stabbing them in the back while they try to rest, they shift restlessly and are robbed of the deep delta-wave (slow brain process) that heals and rejuvenates. Without this deep sleep, no number of hours will give a person rest. By comparison, someone sleeping on a new, twin pillow top mattress will move through the appropriate cycles of sleep and be refreshed by their biological clocks needs.

It is true that adults older than fifty begin to experience bodily changes that affect, and usually reduce, the amount of sleep they get when they lie down for the night. However, as long as the environment is right and their twin pillow top mattress is in good shape, their body (unpolluted by alcohol and other ingested inhibitors) will yield the necessary rest. Every body is different and changes as years pass.