Sleep deprivation is a condition of not having a sufficient amount of sleep; it can be chronic or acute.  Lack of sleep in children may be evident if your child is routinely falling asleep during car rides or requiring extreme stimulation to get up each morning.  These children also may be experiencing behavioral abnormalities such as excessive emotionalism, aggression and crankiness.

Oppositions to sleep/settling problems occur when children are unwilling to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  They stall and throw temper tantrums.  There are many resistance patterns that each individual child may show.

Separation Anxiety tends to occur during the toddler years.  Children become anxious and upset if their parents are not nearby.  They feel edgy and restless and will not enter into a sleep state.   These children are unable to enter into a comfortable sleep pattern unless their parents are present.

Night Waking may occur after the first eight months of life, children are more sensitive to internal and external stimuli.  If an infant hasn’t learned to calm him or herself and settle back to sleep, the parents are normally summoned to help the process along.  This can become a pattern that may repeat itself several times a night.

Parasomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by abnormal sleep behaviors such as night terrors, sleepwalking, teeth grinding, and bedwetting.

Night terrors can occur in older infants and toddlers and will take place in the first half of the nighttime sleep sequence.  Night terrors tend to have an acute onset with a very rapid development of thrashing and yelling.  Do not wake the child from a night terror, as they will have a difficult time falling back into a sleep state.  Night terrors can be triggered from anything that upsets the Childs normal sleep patterns.  An illness, not sleeping in their own bed, and disrupted naps all may trigger the pattern.

Sleepwalking typically wont present until a child is 11 or 12; and occurs in boys more regularly than girls.  The child will be difficult to awaken and will not remember the events that just took place.  Sleepwalking tends to occur during the first third of the sleep cycle and may result because of a disruption in the Childs normal sleep pattern.

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