Decorating ideas for kids’ bedrooms should emphasize safety above all else.

No set of decorating idea for kids’ bedrooms is complete without suggestions for choosing furniture. The key here is to keep safety in mind above all else. Tall, heavy, or complicated elements are inherently unsafe, especially for younger children. Because of this, parents must exercise great care in this area. Here are some tips for making the best choices:

  • If you have the room, then go with platform beds. They’re easy to get in and out of, making it less likely that kids will trip or fall. If space is limited, then you might have to go with either bunk or trundle beds. If you go this route, then we suggest using metal as opposed to wooden frames. In most cases, these are sturdier and more resistant to wear and abuse.
    • Another way to save space and cut down on clutter is to use multi-purpose pieces, such as beds with under-mattress drawers or tables that serve double-duty as both study and play/craft areas. The more open a child’s bedroom is, the less likely it is that he or she will bump into something while running about or engaging in horseplay. Also, if you choose to add a table, we recommend one with rounded as opposed to square edges for added safety.
    • Every child needs a dresser, bookshelves, and/or cabinets to store belongings. However, to keep these from turning into fall hazards, keep these items as low to the ground as possible. At the very least, secure furnishings to the wall with angles or brackets so they can’t be overturned. You can also invest in tip-resistant pieces and storage containers with drawers that can’t be pulled all the way out.

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