For some people, sunlight is an involuntary wakeup call; they’re roused from a deep sleep by the sun’s rays, sometimes hours before they need to get up. If this sounds like you, then you might be wondering: do light-blocking curtains help sleep?

Also known as blackout curtains, light-blocking curtains are usually made of a heavy material or fabric, and are machine-washable for easy care. These are not the same as regular curtains; most curtain fabrics let through a surprising amount of light—even materials like heavy velvet! Whether you work at night and sleep during the day or are trying to keep your kids from waking up at the crack of dawn (and thereby, waking you up), light-blocking curtains may be the answer to your problem. These solid curtains serve a number of purposes:

• Of course, blocking out light, whether it’s sunlight, car headlights, streetlights, or that annoying all-night porch light on your neighbor’s home.

• Dampening noise from outside your home. If you live on a busy street or in a party neighborhood, these curtains may be a sleep-saver by keeping out noise when you’re trying to rest.

• Helping to moderate the temperature in your home and bedroom. Light-blocking curtains serve as a layer of insulation, keeping rooms from becoming too warm or too cool, depending on your desired temperature. Besides helping you rest easier, these curtains save you money on your energy bill.

• Increasing your privacy. Blackout curtains are impossible to see through, even when backlit, which can make you feel safer and more secure, helping to sleep better.

When you combine light-blocking curtains with other ingredients of a good night’s rest, like a comfortable mattress, supportive pillow, and other quality products, you’re sure to have a winning recipe. Browse our selection for quality sleep products to see how Parklane Mattresses can help you get the rest you need.