Even the most comfortable mattress cannot improve the quality of sleep consumers of alcoholic beverages will get. Alcohol is a sleep killer, and while many people who drink have experienced the tiredness associated with a beer before bed, few realize that the fatigue felt from alcohol does not equate with good sleep. In fact, even one drink within six hours of bed has the ability to destroy an entire night’s sleep.

The current research shows that when the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person elevates to .04 or above—that is just one drink—the second half of a person’s sleep cycles will be disrupted by wakefulness. While drinking depresses wakefulness just after consumption, the body’s efforts to metabolize it will lead to sleep disruption. Moreover, developing a regular habit of drinking to combat wakefulness will, in fact, result in long-term sleep disorders.

Doctors warn alcoholics that insomnia will be part of detoxification. What many people do not understand is that it is not necessary to be an alcoholic to suffer from alcohol-induced insomnia. Drinking is a matter of choice. The act alone, is legal, and for many enjoyable. However, anyone who suffers from poor sleep or chronic fatigue should consider a strict nondrinking policy. It is better to achieve rest through sleep promoting activities like exercise, planned routines, white noise stimulation, massage and yoga than to take the easy road of using alcohol.

The road away from alcohol can be difficult for anyone. Its immediate affect includes stress reduction, mood stabilization and a quick road to sleep. Its delayed affect brings anxiety, anger and depression, and fitful waking during the night. The cons far outweigh the pros, yet people get caught in a cycle of treating the long-term effects of a drink with the short-term effects of drinking. Drinking responsibly, and preferably no later than four hours before going to bed, is the best practice. Following this will allow the most comfortable mattress to reach its full potential—i.e. allow truly rejuvenating sleep.