These baby nursery decorating ideas are perfect for parents expecting a new son.

If you are expecting a baby boy in the coming year, congratulations! You likely have many things on your mind, such as what to name him, what to feed him, and how to raise him, and while we can’t help you with those concerns, part of your pre-baby to-do list we can assist you with is preparing the nursery. Consider some of our helpful baby nursery decorating ideas below to get your home ready for your little one, and be confident that your son will have a safe, engaging, comfortable nursery that will be fun for both him and you:

  • Choose a theme and carry it through the room – Whether it’s dinosaurs, baseball, or nautical-inspired décor, once you choose a theme, decorating the nursery becomes incredibly easy. Carry it over to the bedding, the wallpaper, the artwork, the rugs, and anywhere else you can think of.
  • Don’t be afraid of bright colors – Just because you’re having a boy doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate fun, bright colors into the nursery. Choose vivid colors like bright greens, blues, reds, and other rich tones to catch the eye and help keep your baby stimulated and occupied while lying in his crib.
  • Incorporate lots of seating – While this is a nursery, your son won’t be the only person using that room; you’ll be feeding and rocking him there, and your family and friends will want to visit and spend time with him too. Make sure it’s comfortable for you and your loved ones by installing plenty of seating for everyone, and invest in a comfortable armchair for when you have to spend time rocking him to sleep.
  • Use wood – Rustic décor schemes work well for boys’ rooms; they’re masculine, outdoorsy, and a little bit funky all at the same time. Go for a dark wood dresser or crib, or consider covering a full wall in wood for a bigger pop of rustic feel.
  • The name’s the game – Find a way to work your son’s name into the room. Not only will this help him get familiar with the alphabet early on, it will also help him with spelling and name recognition. Get a custom painting or print made and hang it above his crib, paint his name directly onto the wall, or use block letters to make a statement above a window or door.
  • Go for patterns – Many patterns have a masculine feel, such as stripes, chevrons, or plaid. Focus on darker tones or rich, bright colors. They’ll provide plenty of visual distractions to keep your little one entertained.
  • Use rugs, not carpet – Children are messy, and cleaning up spit-ups and accidents are easier if you have removable rugs on the floor instead of carpets. Carpets are harder to clean, they hold odors longer, and they trap dust and allergens even when vacuumed regularly. Alternately, rugs can be thrown in the washer on a regular basis to keep the nursery clean, allergen- and dust-free, and smelling great. Choose rugs with slip-resistant material on the bottom for added safety.
  • Keep the future in mind – Your son won’t be using his crib forever, so make sure to leave plenty of room for a bed and other older-child furniture as he grows up. Also be sure that the dresser, chairs, and other decor you install can evolve easily into a toddler’s room so that you don’t have to buy new items every few years, which can get expensive quickly.

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