Q. What sales and promotions do you offer?

A. We do not run sales at any time of the year. We are proud to offer our True Minimum Price® every day so that you can purchase your new mattress on your timetable. When you choose Parklane Mattresses, there is no need to rush in or wait around for a sale that is “this weekend only” or “while limited supplies last.” We set our prices once per year so you do not have to worry about a mattress going on sale shortly after you make a purchase, or other customers getting a better “deal.”  Most consumers know that our competition inflates prices just to offer a “sale.” At Parklane Mattresses, we respect our customers too much to play such games.

Q. Do you use chemically treated fabrics to meet federal flammability standards?

A. As required by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, we use an inherently fire-resistant rayon fabric to meet federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. We are proud to share that the rayon yarn that comprises our barrier is never treated with chemicals. Unlike the rayon found in clothing and other consumer products, we are dealing with a high-loft fire barrier that consists of silica wrapped in a rayon sheath. The patented properties of this yarn make it so that when exposed to a flame, it turns into a web of fibers that stops the fire from spreading, chars the fabric, and makes the fabric self-extinguishing. All of this is due to the design of the yarn, as opposed to chemical treatments. The manufacturer of our fire-resistant rayon fabric is Wm. T. Burnett & Co. in Phoenix, Arizona.

Q. Where is your latex made?

A. All of our latex comes from Talalay Global, the largest producer of Talalay latex in the United States, based in Shelton, Connecticut. Specifically, our latex is poured and formed at Talalay Global’s facility in Wichita Falls, Texas. For more information, please visit their website.

All of our Latex is Oeko-Tex® Certified.






Q. Where is your foam made?

A. We are proud to share that all of our foam comes from a local pouring plant in Portland, Oregon. Specifically, our foam is poured and cut in the Portland plant of FXI. For more information, please visit their website at FXI

Q. Does your foam contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals? What are the benefits of CertiPUR certified foams?

A. All of the flexible, polyurethane foam in our mattresses is made in the United States and meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability. We are pleased to share that this foam has also been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.


CertiPUR-US® approved foams are:

  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDE flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Products Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Q. What size are the mattresses?

Twin – 38″ x 74″
Twin XL – 38″ x 80″
Full – 53″ x 74″
Queen – 60″ x 80″
King – 76″ x 80″
California King – 72″ x 84″

Q. What are the weights of the foundations?

9″ Standard Foundations:
Twin – 39 pounds
Twin XL – 44 pounds each – it takes two for a King mattress
Full – 49 pounds
Queen – 57 pounds
Split Queen  – 42 pounds each – it takes two for a Queen mattress
California King – 44 pounds each – it takes two for a Cal King mattress

4 1/2″ Low Profile Foundations:
Twin – 35 pounds
Twin XL – 36 pounds each – it takes two for a King mattress
Full – 46 pounds
Queen – 52 pounds
Split Queen  – 34 pounds each – it takes two for a Queen mattress
California King – 38 pounds each – it takes two for a Cal King mattress

Q. Is there a fee to recycle my old mattress or foundation?

A. Parklane Mattresses is proud to offer a Mattress Recycling Program. We charge $35.00 per piece if we are delivering to you, or $70.00 per piece if we are just recycling.

Q. My mattress is too heavy for me to rotate. Can you help me?

A. If you need assistance rotating your mattress, we can help you. Customers living within a 30 mile radius of our Tualatin Headquarters can pay a small fee to have us come and rotate your mattress.

Q. How can I keep my mattress clean? What is the best way to remove stains and odors from a mattress?

A. The best way to keep your mattress clean is to use a mattress protector. We offer 3 premium, water-resistant protectors that fit securely on all of our mattresses. For more information, please view these products on our website.
As far as removing stains and odors from a mattress, if the affected area is still wet, use gentle pressure to blot (not rub) the area with paper towels. If the affected area has dried, mix 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and a drop of liquid dish detergent in a clean spray bottle. Next, lightly and evenly spray the mixture on the affected area and let it sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Finally, use a vacuum to remove any baking soda from the mattress. Note: do not store the leftover mixture.

Q. How much clearance is required for a delivery?

A. No matter the size of your new mattress, our delivery team will need a minimum clearance of 60 inches between walls and railings. They will also need a minimum clearance of 65 inches between the floor and the ceiling for a twin, twin XL, full, or queen mattress, and 80 inches for a king or California king mattress.

Q. Does your website show which mattresses are compatible with your adjustable motion base?

A. Halfway down each individual mattress page is an “Additional Information” tab. If a particular bed is compatible with our adjustable motion base, then it will be indicated here.