If you’re getting married soon, then you’ve probably already started thinking about your registry: all those linens, home décor, dishes, and other fun items you receive for free when you get hitched. And while that’s all great – and certainly necessary – you may want to think about going a little bigger. Specifically, consider adding one or two memory foam mattress sets to your registry.

Now it may seem odd asking for such a high-priced item from your friends and family, but when you think about it, it is actually a pretty smart idea. Not only would it be one of the best presents you receive (if not the absolute best), you and your new spouse would save a ton of money.

Still iffy about adding memory foam mattress sets to your wedding registry? Here are just a few reasons why you should do it:

  • You need a clean slate to start your new life with. Do you really want to make your full-size mattress from college (or earlier) your marital bed? It’s probably not the best choice, both for comfort and for sanitary/health reasons. Remember, mattresses only last so long before they start thinning out, holding in allergens and dust, and becoming just plain uncomfortable. Getting a new memory foam mattress set would provide a clean slate on which to start your marriage. And isn’t that what every new couple wants?
  • It will last for years to come. No one wants to give someone a present they will use once or twice and then stow away in a closet. If someone’s going to buy you a gift, they will want to make sure it’s one you will use, enjoy, and have for years to come. With memory foam mattress sets on your registry, guests will have the opportunity to do just that. They can get you a long-term gift that will last for years, even decades, of your marriage.
  • It’s a great “big-ticket” present for close friends and family. Family members and close friends don’t want to just buy you some towels and call it a day. They want to get you something meaningful, something that you’ll cherish and use often. Mattress sets are the perfect option for these close loved ones. They’re especially great for friends or family members looking to go in on a larger present together. They can split up the cost to give a single, more substantial gift from the entire group. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • You’ll need a new mattress soon anyway. Let’s say you decide not to ask for a mattress set for your wedding. Take a minute and think about your future. Will you need to buy a mattress set in the next three or four years anyway? Most likely. Getting that mattress set now can save you tons of headache and hassle down the road. And, if you get multiple mattress sets, you’ll avoid having to buy mattresses for your guest room or child’s bedroom.
  • It could save you some money. Mattresses are expensive. So why not take advantage of this opportunity – when people are willing to give you free household items and gifts – to see if you can save some money? It is worth a shot, and if it’s successful, it could save you thousands of dollars out of your own pocket, which will help you build your new life together as a couple.

Want to check out memory foam mattress sets to add to your wedding registry? Then stop by a Parklane Mattresses location today. Our staff members can help you pick out the perfect products for your new home.