When it comes to their products, most mattress manufacturers have an assembly line-like process. They have machinery that sews the fabric, places the coils, inserts the padding, and adds the pillow top, so the only time a real person touches it is when it’s set up on the showroom floor. Unfortunately, this often leads to less-than-quality products and an unsatisfying mattress-buying experience on the whole.

At Parklane Mattresses, we don’t believe in assembly-line mattress making. Instead, we offer only handcrafted mattresses, made in-house by Parklane employees. Here are just a few reasons our handcrafted mattresses are better than assembly-line ones from other manufacturers:

  • Higher quality materialsBecause we have our hand in every step of the design and production process, we’re able to ensure quality at every turn. That means higher-quality components in each mattress: better, higher-density foam, stronger wood in the mattress foundation, more durable fabrics and paddings, etc. What results is a better product on the whole.
  • More attention to detail – One of our employees is there to oversee every step of the mattress-making process. They make sure each coil is inserted just right, every stitch is placed perfectly, and only the best, highest quality materials are used.
  • Better quality control Our mattress production process is very hands-on. A Parklane employee is there through it all, making sure all parts of the product are made and installed properly. Assembly-line operations just can’t offer quality like we can.

Don’t believe that our handcrafted mattresses stand out from the crowd? Come by a Parklane Mattresses Location to see for yourself. We offer dozens of handcrafted, quality products to fit every need and budget, and you can try out each and every one right on our showroom floor. We even offer a 90-night comfort guarantee, so if you’re not completely happy with your purchase, you can send it right back.