When it comes to lifespan, every Oregon mattress is different.

You may have seen commercials that tell you a mattress is only good for eight years, and while this is true for some makes and models, it is not the case for every mattress on the market. Depending on the quality of your sleep surface and the materials it is made out of, your Oregon mattress could last you anywhere from five to 15 years. To see if your mattress needs replacing, look for some key signs that it’s seen its best days rather than basing the judgement on its age alone.

The first thing to do when determining whether your Oregon mattress needs replacing is to evaluate the quality of your sleep. If you’ve been sleeping solidly and waking up refreshed, your mattress is still doing its job properly, but if you’ve been tossing and turning, waking up with aches and pains, and generally sleeping poorly, it may be time for a new one. Another sign that you need a new mattress is if you can feel springs or bars in your back when you lie down, as this means the padding of your mattress has become extremely thin. This can decrease the quality of your sleep dramatically and affect your health.

When determining the state of your mattress, you should also look for visible signs that it’s past its best. Every mattress will eventually get dips and grooves, which is why flipping and rotating it is so important, and while these indents may not affect your sleep habits initially, they will as they deepen over time. If you notice deep dents that are visible through your sheets and blankets, it’s time to invest in a new Oregon mattress. Excessive creaking is another sign that your mattress is getting old and needs replacing, because it isn’t sturdy anymore and it can keep you and your partner awake at night.

If it looks like your Oregon mattress is on its last leg, consider recycling it with Parklane Mattresses, and then come and check out our selection of new, affordable sleep surfaces today. With nine locations and a convenient online store, we make buying a new mattress easy!