You have heard it from doctors, scientists, and even your own mother: a good night’s sleep means a good, productive day. While the media tends to focus more on how much you sleep, the importance of how well you sleep, especially during REM stage sleep, is highly undervalued. No matter how you look at it, restless sleeping is more likely to leave you restless throughout the day.

During your REM sleep stage cycle, tossing and turning can decrease your oxygen flow and interfere with your sleep patterns. This REM sleep stage is a vital component of a good night’s sleep, as REM sleep has been linked to emotional, mental and even physical well-being. REM sleep is specifically linked with the regions in your brain responsible for learning and thought processing. A good adjustable base with the correct mattress can be adjusted to your personal preferences to ensure you don’t toss and turn throughout the night.

Depriving yourself from your REM sleep stage has been linked to fatigue, depression, reduced immune system deficiency, heart disease, and severe reasoning deficits. Knowing this, the environments in which you sleep and, more importantly, the quality of mattress that you sleep on, should be given utmost consideration. Adjustable bases are great for optimizing your mattress to meet your personal sleeping preferences. Creating your perfect sleeping environment will help you to have the best possible sleep experience, and ensure that you always achieve the REM sleep stage.