Despite the new memory foam and air-filled models now available, many people still prefer the classic comfort of an innerspring mattress. Buying one, though, is a serious investment that requires much thought beforehand. Let’s look at some of the factors you’ll want to consider when deciding on the best innerspring mattress for your needs:

1. Do you sleep on your side, or on your stomach and/or back? – Side sleepers tend to prefer a mattress with more give than back or belly sleepers, who quite often enjoy the extra support a firm mattress gives. Firmness level is determined by many things, such as the number and type of coils, the thickness of their wire, and the padding material above them. Your salesperson can assist you in matching your sleeping style to the right product for you.

2. Are you allergic to any fabrics? – The cushioning layer of a mattress can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, felt, wool, memory foam, or even silk. If you have an aversion to any of these materials, make certain that the product you buy doesn’t use it.

3. Do you want a pillow top? – These add an extra layer of comfort to the mattress, but can also become compressed over time. Something to consider is the fact that they are attached to the mattress, and cannot be replaced. Talk to your salesperson about any concerns you may have regarding pillow tops.

4. How long do you want the mattress to last before needing replacement? – In many cases, materials used to make a mattress softer or more luxurious can also cause it to lose support more quickly. Talk to your salesperson about the expected life of the innerspring mattress before you make a final decision.

Parklane Mattresses offers an extensive variety of innerspring mattresses to suit every taste and budget. Check out our extensive line and contact us with any questions you might have. We’re here to help make your sleep as restful as possible by providing the best innerspring mattress for you.