Moving mattresses can be quite a challenge, particularly if it is a large mattress. While the frame of the bed can be dismantled and boxed up, the mattress itself typically remains in one piece and is quite heavy and cumbersome. The key to mattress moving is to use common sense and take your time! Here are a few tips for moving mattresses:

The first thing you should do is find someone to help you. Don’t try to move it on your own, as you’re likely to injure yourself. Strip the mattress of all bedding, and carefully set it on its side, with one person at each end. Once the mattress is on its side, it is a good idea to put a mattress cover around the mattress so it isn’t damaged or stained during the moving process.

Most mattresses should fit through doorways on their side. The average doorway height is around 80 inches, and a king size mattress measures 76 inches wide. If you have a particularly small doorway, or an extra-large mattress, you may need to find an alternative way of moving it. If a mattress was taken into a room, it should always be possible to take it out the same way! Measure all doors and exit points with a tape measure before you start the process to confirm that it will fit through. Consider using windows, second-story decks or verandas. If you are moving a mattress into a second-story room, the easiest way may be to hoist it up through the window or exterior door, rather than try to maneuver it up a narrow staircase.

Whatever you do, don’t bend your mattress, as this can damage the inner layers. If you are transporting your mattress, always lie it flat and strap it down, making sure the protective cover is secure before you set off. You may need to rent a vehicle or borrow a friend’s if your regular car isn’t big enough to take the mattress.

Moving your mattress is a necessity if you have purchased a new one or are moving homes. A mattress is a substantial investment, so take care of it during the move and it will be just as comfortable when it gets to its new home.