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If you want to find the right mattress for your needs, preferences, and budget, having a plan is crucial. Mattress stores can be quite expansive, and without a set strategy, you could miss a product, go out of your price range, or fail to find the right mattress altogether.

Are you thinking of going to a Portland mattress store near you? Then use these tips to plan ahead:

  • Determine how it’s organized. Are the mattresses organized by brand? Or divided up by type, material, or price range instead? Get a feel for how the store is structured, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more quickly and easily.
  • Start from the back. Mattress stores tend to be expansive. To ensure that you see each and every product on the floor, head to the back of the showroom and work your way forward. The best part of this plan? By the time you’ve looked at everything, you’re back by the registers! All you have to do is get in line, check out, and then walk through the door with your brand new mattress.
  • Bring a second person. Having another person along can help you cover more ground. Split up, and have each look at one side of the store. Make note of which products you like, and once you meet back in the middle, compare each other’s favorites.
  • Ask for help. To be truly efficient, your best bet is to ask a store employee. As soon as you set foot in a Portland mattress store, locate a sales associate and approach them for help. Tell them what you’re looking for (price, mattress type, size, etc.), and have them take you right to the products that fit the bill.

Ready to mattress shop like a pro? Then come to one of our Portland mattress store Locations today. Contact the Parklane Mattresses team today for more information.