Next time you need to replace your Portland mattresses, don’t just put them out by the side of the curb to send them off with your weekly trash pick-up. Ultimately, by doing that, you’ll secure their place in a landfill, where they’ll take up space and pollute our environment for decades to come. They are also difficult for waste management workers to handle, and can damage compression equipment and other tools used in trash processing.

A Greener Option

A better, much more environmentally friendly option is to recycle your mattresses instead. During this process, the mattresses are broken down, sorted and separated, and eventually they’re repurposed into other products (including new mattresses!).

But exactly how does recycling a mattress work? And if you want to recycle your Portland mattresses in the future, where can you turn to for help?

The answer is simple: just call Parklane Mattresses. We make recycling your mattress easy. Here’s how the process works:

  • Call us when you’re ready to recycle your mattress.
  • For just a $70 fee per piece, we’ll send out a truck shortly to pick up your items.
  • We will transport your mattress to the DR3 Mattress Recycling facility, where it will be processed and repurposed.

You can even recycle old box springs. So if you have got one that’s worn or just does not fit your mattresses any more, do not let those go to waste. Contact Parklane Mattresses, and we will make sure those materials get put to good use.

Need to Recycle Your Mattresses?

If you are ready to recycle your old Portland mattresses, then call Parklane Mattresses today. We’ll schedule a truck to pick up your items, and help you take a huge leap toward saving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. For more information, visit Parklane Mattress Recycling or Green Bed Recycling.