Big names carry big prices, but stores that sell a designer mattress use the same components as any other brand. It’s all about marketing, and the middleman hikes the cost of a mattress. In most cases, local mattress companies like Park Lane Mattresses sell products of a quality as high as prominent mattress brands; the only difference is in the assembly and price.

Even the largest mattress corporations buy their foam, thread, and fabrics from secondary manufacturers and textile factories. The best memory foam mattresses of a national company will use the same foam as a local manufacturer’s product—just as the cheap foam mattresses of both originate from the same developer. National brands simply buy these elements in higher volumes and assemble larger volumes of mattresses. A local company can produce an identical product without the added cost of shipping mattresses throughout the country.

Marketing, too, increases the price of mattresses tremendously. Brand names become prominent because their names have been pushed and advertised at high volume (and cost) across the nation, not necessarily because their product is of a higher quality. On the other hand, smaller local stores generally allocate less to their marketing budget, enabling them to lower the cost of their product. And without the high salaries of a national CEO and board of directors, sales revenue simply feeds into the wages of its local employees, which then flows back into the community, all without sacrificing product quality.