Are you waking up every morning with a pain in your neck—that thing your grandmother called a crick? Many times, pain in the neck is associated with pillows or the positioning of your head during sleep. Did you ever think, though, that the pain in your neck might be caused by your mattress? On average, a human being will spend a third of their lives in bed, if following the recommended eight-hour sleep regiment. Sleeping eight hours on a bad mattress is bound to give anyone a pain in the neck!

Even if you have had your mattress long enough to get used to its peculiarities and you know all the right positions to get comfortable, investing in a quality mattress  can remedy a lot of your body pains and late night restlessness. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position is a common cause of neck pain, and tossing and turning in the night due to restlessness can also force you to turn your neck in awkward positions.

Neck pain, or more commonly, a stiff neck, is not a fun thing to have while going about your daily tasks. Even if your neck pain is related to your daily activities, such as sitting in front of the computer or hunching over a work bench all day, a good night’s sleep on a good mattress may help to remedy the pain without the use of medications or therapy. Parklane Mattresses can help you find a quality mattress, so you can get rid of that pain-in-the-neck mattress you’re sleeping on now and look forward to a good night’s sleep every night.