Traditional home decor is a popular design scheme across the country. This doesn’t mean that it’s bland or unimaginative, but simply that it agrees with the tastes of most Americans. Applied with a little care and common sense, it can enhance the appearance and comfort of almost any home. Traditional home decor is a great choice for many people, but some may find it too formal or old-fashioned. Is it the right choice for you? To help answer that, we suggest you consider the following questions:

1. What are your tastes in clothing, footwear, sun/eyeglasses, etc.? If you lean toward tried-and-true options like blue jeans, tennis shoes, and collared pullovers or button-up shirts in shades like blue, green, yellow, and red, then traditional home decor may be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you prefer “edgy” choices that set you apart from the crowd, then you might find traditional style too confining.

2. What kind of home do you have? Traditional decor goes well with proven, established housing designs. Think ranch-style suburban homes with carports, two-story or split-level frame houses with brick exteriors, or, on the upper end of the cost scale, older, larger homes with peaked roofs and gables. If your home fits in these categories, then traditional is an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you live in a log cabin or old farmhouse, then a “country” themed decor is probably a better fit. If your home incorporates forward-thinking design elements such as large, flat, fixed windows, a shed-style roof, or exterior materials like metal or granite, then you may be happier with modern furnishings and design elements.

3. How large is your design budget? Traditional furniture and accessories tend to be cheaper than many other choices, simply because they’re so popular that manufacturers turn out large quantities of them. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for a decor you don’t care for, but if you like traditional designs and your budget is limited, then why not enjoy all the savings you can?

While it may not be the first design overhaul choice that comes to mind, your bedroom is an integral part of your home’s overall theme. No matter if you choose traditional home decor or some other style, we can make your home more beautiful and your nights more restful with our line of top-quality products, and you may be surprised at how affordable we are. Take a look at our selections and see for yourself.