When you have guests over, you want to do all you can to make them comfortable. Sure, cooking breakfast and providing a fresh set of sheets is nice, but wouldn’t it be nice to do a little bit more? To make absolutely sure your guests are as comfortable as possible while staying in your home?

With a king size mattress, you can.

A king size mattress is the perfect addition to any guest room, especially if you’re a regular entertainer. Think about when your parents visit; they won’t have to squeeze into that old full-size bed of yours from high school anymore. They can be comfortable, relaxed, and get the good night’s rest that they deserve.

Here are just a few benefits of installing a king size mattress in your guest room:

  • Happier, more comfortable guests: With a king size mattress, you’re giving your guests plenty of space to get comfortable. Whether it’s just one person, a couple, or even a few children, a king-size bed offers plenty of space for everyone.
  • More return visits: Would you want to visit a friend again if you slept terribly at their home? Probably not. By making your guests as comfortable as possible, you’ll ensure that they’ll be happy and willing to visit again.
  • A more pulled together look: Nothing says “this room is full of hand-me downs” like a twin or full-size bed in a guest room. Give your home an elegant look with a large, expansive king size bed, and cover it with classy linens that will make your curtains, wall décor, and overall aesthetic come together.

Ready to transform your guest room with a king size mattress? Come to a Parklane Mattresses location today. With many products to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect mattress for your budget and preferences.