If you’re planning a move soon, follow these mattress shopping tips designed just for you.

If you’re planning an upcoming move you likely have a lot to do already, and mattress shopping can often add to the stress. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of mattress shopping tips designed specifically for you, the moving homeowner, to make sure you choose the right sleep surface for your needs and situation. Follow the tips below to make your mattress shopping and moving experiences much easier.

  • Get delivery. You already have to move all your boxes, clothing, dishes, and other items to your new home, so don’t add a mattress to the list. Instead of purchasing a mattress and then taking it home and moving it to your new place, find a retailer that’s willing to deliver your mattress to the new address, and if possible, schedule it for move-in day so that you aren’t without a mattress in your new home. Ask if they’ll help with setup and installation too.
  • Find out if you can have your old mattress recycled. Many mattress retailers offer mattress recycling so that you don’t have to deal with the disposal of your old mattress. These companies will come and pick up your used mattress and take it to a recycling facility so that the materials and parts can be reused and repurposed for other products. This service makes your move easier, helps the environment, and keeps landfills from overflowing.

  • Measure your space and your doors. This is one of the most important mattress shopping tips to remember, especially when you’re moving into a new, unfamiliar house. Take the time to measure each room, doorway, and hallway carefully. You need to make sure you choose a mattress to fit your space appropriately and that your mattress can fit easily through your front door, down the hallway, and into your bedroom.

  • Try it out. If you’re buying in person, never leave the store without trying your purchase first. Lie on it, get a feel for its level of comfort and support, and make sure it’s going to be an adequate sleep surface. If you have a partner, make sure they try it out, too. You want it to be comfortable for both of you, as you’ll likely have it for many years to come.

  • Ask about financing. As a new homeowner, you may have already paid a large sum for your new place, so take it easy on your wallet and avoid paying a lot for your new mattress. Ask if your mattress retailer allows for financing so that you can get a great product without a huge up-front cost. Financing allows you to pay a small monthly fee over time, which makes your mattress purchase more manageable.
  • Know where you’re going to place it. Have a plan for where your mattress will go and how it will be placed. This helps you ensure that you get the right size and shape, and it makes the delivery and installation process much easier.
  • Get a warranty. Always get a warranty when purchasing a new mattress. Mattresses can be expensive, and a warranty helps you protect your investment and ensure its quality for years to come. Look for a warranty of at least 10 to 15 years, as this is the average lifespan for a mattress.

If you need more mattress shopping tips or want to put these ones to good use, stop by Parklane Mattresses today, or check out our online store. We have a wide selection of mattresses available in different sizes, materials, and pricing, and we can help you find the perfect sleep surface for your new home.