Mattresses are like cars. No matter how much we love them or get used to them, eventually there comes a time to say goodbye. The question is: how can you know when the time is right? So in this article about mattress shopping tips, we’ll offer some tips on that important question.

It’s time to replace your mattress when:

1. A depression has formed in the area where you sleep. – A healthy mattress will resemble a checkerboard or the great American Midwest. In other words, it should be flat all the way across. However, if yours looks more like the inside of a taco shell or the Grand Canyon, then it has probably spent several years holding up your shoulders, knees, head, and hips. A well-made sleep surface can do so for quite a while, but eventually, even the best ones suffer internal wear and can no longer provide the gentle support your body needs. So if your side of the bed reminds you of that old TV show “The Big Valley,” it’s time to find another one.

2. You find yourself waking up on top of your partner. – Mattresses don’t always wear out in the spot where you rest. Sometimes they form a depression right in the center. When that happens, you spend the night slowly rolling towards your partner, as your unconscious body obeys the law of gravity. In severe cases, you might even wake up on top of the other person. That’s no fun for either of you. So, when it happens, take the hint and start looking for a new mattress.

3. You wake up on the floor. – A worn-out mattress doesn’t always show its age in the center. Sometimes the middle can still be quite firm, but the edges lose their support. When this happens, its shape can begin to resemble a flying saucer. You’ll notice it for sure if you find yourself fighting to prevent yourself from rolling off of it. So if your choices are either to hold on for dear life or wake up with a thud, it’s time to go shopping.

4. You rise in the morning feeling like you were just in a wrestling match. – When a mattress loses its loft, it may not wear out in a single large area. In fact the structure as a whole can still be quite solid, but spots here and there form depressions, like small ponds on an otherwise flat piece of land. The typical areas this occurs are at where your hips, bottom, and shoulders rest. When they start to give, those spots sag relative to the rest of your body, twisting you into all sorts of weird, contorted shapes. So, if you’re dreaming about going to the mat with the current wrestling champ, and waking up feeling like the dream came true, it’s time for your mattress to go.

5. You and your coffee cup have become good friends. – If you’re like a lot of us, you’re never awake long enough to know what your mattress feels like. Your head hits the pillow and you’re out. However, if you drag yourself through the next day fighting the urge to nod off, pouring gallons of caffeine down your throat or popping energy pills, then the cause might be your mattress. In fact, feeling drowsy after seven or more hours of sleep is often the first sign that your mattress has seen its better days. However, don’t jump to that conclusion right away. First, talk to your health care professional, in case there’s a medical cause for your lethargy. If you get a clean bill of health and still find yourself dozing off during the day, then it might be time to visit Parklane and look at options to buy mattresses online.

6. You find yourself scratching at itches that won’t go away. – Allergies can develop throughout life for many reasons. Sometimes a material or substance your body has gotten along with fine for years can suddenly declare war on your sinuses or your skin. So if you find yourself with rashes or persistent itching when you get in bed or first thing in the morning, should you run out and buy a new mattress right away? NO. You should see a physician first. Then, if it turns out that your sleep surface is the culprit, it’s time to look for one that won’t aggravate your allergies – like the hypoallergenic ones we sell at Parklane.

7. It has been seven to 10 years since you bought it. – If you want to make sure none of the above things ever happen to you, then you should replace your mattress on a regular schedule. Seven to 10 years is a good rule of thumb to go by. People who are large will probably want to aim for the short end of that span, while those who blow away in a stiff breeze are probably safe sticking it out for a decade. Whichever is the case, preemptive mattress shopping is the safest way to go.

When you’re looking for a car, which would you prefer: a lot that has three models to choose from or 30? Most people would pick the latter choice. Having a wide variety of products to consider is fantastic. That’s just what you’ll find when you buy mattresses online or in person from Parklane. Plush, medium, or firm; regular coil, offset coil, memory foam, or latex; pillow top or regular top; conventional materials or organic – those are just some of the choices we offer. So check out our extensive line and find the one that’s just right for you.