Just a quick Google search of “memory foam mattress reviews” will turn up thousands of results. Unfortunately, not all are helpful. They’re littered with paid, sponsored content, angry customers with a vendetta, and companies trying to bad-mouth their competitors’ products.

So how are you supposed to discern the good info from the bad? And how do you use these reviews to guide your mattress buying experience? Here are some areas to focus on:

  • The exact brand name and model that was purchased – The first thing you want to look at in memory foam mattress reviews is the exact product that was purchased. Once you know that, head to the manufacturer’s website, and learn about the product. How do the reviews measure up? Does the product do all the manufacturer claims it can do?
  • The store the mattress was purchased from – When it comes to quality, some stores are just better at ensuring it than others. Before you take a mattress review too seriously, make sure you know where the product was purchased first. Then, look up reviews on that store. If other customers have had problems, it’s likely an issue with the store itself – not just the mattress.
  • The customer’s overall satisfaction The biggest question you want answered in a review is this: Would the customer buy the same mattress again? Better yet, would they recommend the mattress to a friend? If the answer to either of these is “no,” then you’ll want to steer clear.
  • Their perceived value – The best reviews will include the price paid for the mattress, as this allows you to evaluate the product’s value. Was the product as high-quality as the price point would suggest? If the product was unsatisfactory, did the price point reflect that?

If the reviewer has any health conditions or other factors (like back pains, obesity, etc.), these are also great to know. Did the mattress help alleviate those pains? Did it worsen their health problems? Once you know all this info, you can properly evaluate a mattress to see if it’s the right product for you and your needs.

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