Natures Premium Wool Bolus Pillow


Natural Wool Delight.
This pillow is pure, simple and comfortable.  Whether you are a Side sleeper, Back sleeper, or  Stomach sleeper; this pillow is perfect for you. This pillow is intentionally stuffed extra full and comes with a zipper enclosure so that you can easily adjust how soft or firm your pillow is, in order to create the perfect pillow just for you.



Our Live & Dream Nature’s Premium Wool Bolus pillow is an all-natural sleep solution.

Additional information



Dimensions & Weight

20" x 29" 2.5 pounds

Care Instructions

To wash cotton cover: Remove the wool from cotton cover. Wash cover in cold water and dry on low to avoid shrinkage. While cover is washing, place the wool in a pillow case or on a sheet of fabric outside in direct sunlight. If this is not an option, simply air the wool out indoors inside a storage bin or basket. To wash wool pillow: Fill a wash basin with cool water and a small amount of natural wool wash detergent (we like to use Eucalan). Gently massage the pillow in the water to fully saturate the wool fill. Once it has been fully saturated, empty out the water and rinse the pillow. Gently press as much water out of the pillow as possible. We do not recommend ringing the pillow as the agitation can make your wool clusters felt together. Once you have removed as much water as possible, dump the wool filling into a large storage bin. We recommend this method so that the pillow case can be washed and dried normally without obtaining water stains. At this point, you can also sort through the wool and break apart any larger clumps that may have formed during the washing process, then place your wool fill outside in direct sunlight or air out indoors in a warm location. Once the wool is mostly dry, feel free to return it to your pillow cover and place in the dryer on air dry with dryer balls to complete the drying cycle. This helps to revitalize the wool, making a soft and fluffy wool pillow.


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