Wellspring™ Pillow


Non-Allergenic and Environmentally Friendly.
Using Wellspring™ fibers, this pillow saved 21 two liter plastic bottles from the landfill. You will enjoy a great night’s sleep with this comfortable and supportive pillow.



Our Wellspring™ pillow is an environmentally friendly sleep solution

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Standard – 20" x 25"

Care Instructions

Spot clean any spills immediately with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda using an absorbent sponge.
You can take your pillow outside and leave it in the sun to rejuvenate and sterilize the Organic Cotton fibers.
Airing the pillow outside will also dissipate any odors.
This pillow is machine washable, however we recommend the spot cleaning method.

Wellspring™ Fibers

Our exclusive Wellspring™ fiber is a revolutionary material that utilizes the second use of plastics. It's a virgin fiber that is generated from recycled polyethylene, familiar to you as two liter beverage containers. It's clean, odor free, and very resilient. The fibers look and feel incredibly like cotton; fluffy, soft, and very finely textured. The Wellspring™ fibers are amazingly light, and easy to work with. Our recycled fiber is nonallergenic and extremely comfortable.


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