If you’re currently looking to decorate a small bedroom in your home, you may need some of our small bedroom decorating ideas.

Decorating the master bedroom is easy, but if you’re currently looking to decorate a small bedroom in your home, you may need some of our small bedroom decorating ideas. In a master bedroom, you have all the space in the world! There’s really no limit to the furniture, décor, or bedding you can choose. The same can’t be said for smaller bedrooms. You have a lot less space to work with, and your options are much more limited. It can be frustrating to say the least. We can help.

These small bedroom decorating ideas can help you learn to make the most of your space:

  • Create storage areas – The biggest problem with a small bedroom is the lack of storage space. There’s just simply not enough room for a large dresser, cabinet, or shelf unit, so you’re left storing items on the floor, in closets, and in other parts of the house. To remedy this, try adding furniture that also serves a storage purpose. Look for bed frames that have drawers underneath or shelves attached. Buy a desk that has tons of cabinet space or an attached book shelf. The more space, the better!
  • Utilize the walls – Instead of putting your focus on what goes in the room, focus on what goes on it. Your walls are prime real estate in a small bedroom. You can hang tons of shelves on them for storage, and you can use them for displaying artwork, mirrors, and even light fixtures. Bedside tables can even be mounted on the walls to clear space on the floor.
  • Use light-colored paint – Dark colored paints tend to make an area look smaller and more compact than it actually is. If you’ve got a small space, make sure to use light, bright, and pastel colors that will allow you to open up the room and make it feel more spacious. For the most impact on your space, just use a stark white paint, and add pops of color elsewhere in the room.
  • Buy multi-functional pieces – If you really want to make the most of a small bedroom, try finding pieces of furniture that are multi-functional. Futons are a great option, as they can serve as both a bed and a seating area. Trunks are great, too. Use them to store clothes, toys, and other items, and utilize the top for displaying pictures, books, or just as a seating area.
  • Think compact – Since your space is limited, think of height, not width, when purchasing furniture. Look for desks, dressers, cabinets, and other pieces that are taller than they are wide. These will give you the most storage space for your money, and they’ll also allow you to better use the space within your room.
  • Add natural light – Natural light can do wonders for opening up a small space. If your room already has a window, consider using minimal dressings to allow the natural light to really do its thing. If there isn’t a window, hire a contractor to come knock one out in a day. You can also opt to expand an existing window or add an additional one. This will really give your room the spacious look it needs.
  • Keep out the clutter – Too much stuff is going to make your room look cluttered, busy, and smaller than it already does. Focus on keeping the space sparse, clean, and minimalistic, and you’ll have a much roomier-looking area.

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