Have a teenage son? Use this guide for great teen boy bedroom decorating ideas.

Decorating a bedroom for a teenage boy can be a difficult task to take on, especially if he isn’t enthusiastic about the idea. A good way to pique his interest and ensure that he’ll enjoy the results as much as you do is to incorporate things he likes into the décor. If he’s a sports lover, choose sports-themed decorations and furniture. If he’s a musician, find a way to work his favorite band into the room. Whatever it is that he likes, if you work it into your decorating scheme he’ll be more likely to want to help and will appreciate that his room reflects his personality. If you need some inspiration, check out the teen boy bedroom decorating ideas below.

  • For the Sports Lover Incorporating a sports theme into the décor is one of the best teen boy bedroom decorating ideas if your son is a fan of athletics. Following are a few ways to redecorate his space in a way he’ll love:
  • Use his favorite team’s colors. If your son has a favorite sports team, do some research to learn about the team mascot, logo and colors, then find a way to work those into the color scheme and overall décor.
  • Show off his trophies. If you have a superstar athlete for a son, create a trophy case that can hold his medals and achievements. He’ll be proud to show them off, and it’s a good way to keep them organized and to cut down on clutter.
  • Integrate a basketball hoop. For a basketball fan, consider getting a small basketball hoop and hanging it on the back of your son’s door or on a wall. Make sure you get him Nerf balls to shoot instead of real basketballs, which can damage your walls.
  • Frame pictures of his favorite athletes. If there’s a professional athlete your son idolizes, get a poster or photo of them, frame it, and hang it on the wall. If he has several, consider covering an entire wall with them. It will serve as inspiration for his sports-related dreams.
  • Put his sports gear on display. Keep your son’s room organized and show off his interests by creating a display unit for his gear, then put his helmet, bat, ball, and any other equipment he uses onto the unit. He’ll love getting to see it on a daily basis, and it will make finding his gear easy when game day comes.
  • Integrate a scoreboard. Hang a scoreboard in your son’s room for further sports-themed flair. You can make it out of chalkboard paint so that he can write messages or keep track of his to-do lists.
  • For the MusicianIf your son is musically inclined, tap into this artistic interest by incorporating music-themed teen boy bedroom decorating ideas such as the following:
  • Frame sheet music. Find out your son’s favorite song and print out the sheet music for it, then put it in a nice frame and hang it on the wall. You could print out several pages and make a collage.
  • Set up a music corner. Give your son a place to relax and play his music by integrating a music corner into his room. Set up a drum set, a keyboard, his guitars – any instruments he plays – and incorporate comfortable seating, a music stand, a radio, a tuner, and any other accessories he might need.
  • Use records for décor. While LP records aren’t common anymore, they still make for great home décor. Use them as coasters, frame special ones and hang them as artwork, or use them to cover the walls or line the baseboards for an added musical touch.
  • Decoupage the furniture with posters or sheet music. Use sheet music to cover the tops of desks, tables, and other furniture in your son’s room. To make it even more special, use the music from his favorite band or artist.
  • Use band T-shirts to make a homemade quilt. If your son has lots of band or music T-shirts that he’s outgrown, consider making a homemade quilt out of them. They won’t go to waste, and your son can have a unique new bedspread that you can’t buy in any store.
  • For the Academic If your son enjoys spending his time reading, working puzzles, or studying, acknowledge his academic side by using some of these teen boy bedroom decorating ideas for the studious type:
  • Build a reading area. Set up shelving for your son’s books and give him a comfortable place to lie down and do some reading. Beanbag chairs, large pillows, blankets, and a reading light are all must-haves.
  • Make a chalkboard wall. Help your son stay organized and on-track with his assignments, chores, and other to-dos by turning one wall into a chalkboard. Paint the wall with chalkboard paint, grab a pack of chalk, and it’s ready for your son to use.
  • Frame inspirational quotes or pages from his favorite book. Find pages from your son’s favorite books or quotes from his favorite authors, frame them, and turn them into art for the wall. He’ll love the constant inspiration they provide.
  • Use books for shelves. If your son’s room lacks shelving, use old hardback books as a substitute. Hang them on the wall horizontally to put pictures, games, and other books on display.

Remember that these great teen boy bedroom decorating ideas won’t complete a room until you get him a comfortable bed too. Visit Parklane Mattresses to find the perfect bedroom set today!