Every bedroom needs a theme. It ties the decor together and expresses the personality and tastes of the occupants. When it comes to decorating for boys, most parents choose sports themes. What you may find as boys gets older is that they have no interest in sports; it’s important to cater his room to his interests, so we thought we should suggest some teen boy bedroom decorating ideas that don’t involve baseball, football, basketball, or athletics in general.

Idea # 1: Hobby-Centered Theme

Hobbies are great for teenagers to have. They help them to learn job-related skills, explore career options, and discover their interests and talents. A hobby also provides a perfect theme for a bedroom. For example, is your son into furniture building or woodworking? If so, then letting him create some of the furnishings for the room will let him show off his skills and give him a sense of pride in its appearance. If he enjoys drawing or painting, encourage him to display his works on the wall or on bookshelves. You can also find illustrations such as decals that relate to virtually every interest imaginable, such as electronics, model building, or sculpture.

Idea # 2: Celebrity-Centered Theme

Virtually everyone has a favorite actor or musical performer, and a theme built around this person or group is a perfect option for many teenage boys. Let him choose what posters, pictures, memorabilia, etc., he wants displayed, provided of course the items meets common-sense standards for good taste. Choosing this theme also makes choosing gifts for him an easy task. Simply pick something that enhances the decor and fits with the theme.

Idea # 3: Gaming-Centered Theme

Many teenage boys are passionate about video games. Show your son that you support this interest (within reasonable limits) by helping him create a gaming-centered theme. Ideas include a corner of the room with a large screen TV and gaming console, illustrations of classic video game characters, and in general any furnishings or other items related to games that he enjoys.

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