How do you compromise? Find teen boy bedroom decorating ideas will please both mom and son.

It seems like just yesterday you moved your baby boy into his first big boy bed, so how is it that he is now a teenager who is ready to trade in his toy cars for the real deal? If he hasn’t already, chances are your teenage son will soon start to crave his own space, and he will have some pretty definite ideas about how that space should look. Gone are the toy planes and cartoon character bedding. He wants his room to be “cool”; you want it to be “cute”. How do you compromise? These teen boy bedroom decorating ideas will please both mom and son.

A sports theme may seem obvious, but it is relatively easy to create and is a hit with most teenage boys. Sports posters, equipment, and paraphernalia, as well as bedding in team colors are easy and inexpensive ways to create the all American athlete look.

Got a beach lover? Incorporate various shades of blues and browns into the décor from the wall paint to the bedding. Hang a surfboard or two on the walls, or stretch a fishing net across a corner of the ceiling.

Car fanatic? Use lots of metal and steel, and a black and red color palette to create a sporty garage look. Scatter model cars on shelves or hang vintage car photos on the walls.

These are just a few teen boy bedroom decorating ideas, but the bottom line is that the room should reflect your teen’s personality and interests. Let him have a hand in the decisions. If you’re brave enough, let him try painting the walls himself. It will give him a sense of ownership and pride in his space. Who knows? Maybe it will even inspire him to keep it clean!

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