Your son is sure to love these teen boy bedroom decorating ideas.

Most teenage boys don’t care about what their room looks like as long as they can find their sports equipment, their homework, and a pair of shoes in the morning. But most moms aren’t content to let their home’s décor fall by the wayside, even in their nonchalant teenage son’s room. If you want teen boy decorating ideas that both you and your son will love and that will keep your home looking stylish and pulled together, check out these suggestions from Parklane Mattresses. The following are some teen boy bedroom decorating ideas to try:

• Bring his interests to the forefront – The easiest way to get your son on board with your decorating ideas is to incorporate his interests and bring in elements that show off his personality. If he’s into gaming, use game controllers to create a few DIY bookends. Put them on his desk, on bookshelves, and around the room to help him stay organized in a cool and fun way. If you have a musically inclined son, hang his guitar on the wall, create artwork out of his favorite songs or lyrics, or get a framed print of his favorite singer or band. However you choose to redecorate his room, incorporate his interests to make sure he’s enthusiastic about the change.

• Show off his accomplishments – Give your son a boost of self-confidence by incorporating his accomplishments and honors into his bedroom décor. If he’s a sports star, build a trophy case on the wall and show off all his trophies and medals. If he’s an honor roll student, get his certificates framed or make his recent science fair project the focal point of the space. If he’s a musician, frame a photograph of him and his band performing at the local talent show. He’ll love getting to show off his accomplishments when his friends come over.

• Build a gaming corner – Most teen boys likes to play video games, so give your son a way to do it in style by creating a built-in gaming corner in his room that gives him and his friends a comfortable place to duke it out. Incorporate beanbags, a big-screen TV, plenty of shelves for games, and a table for snacks and drinks. You can even install surround sound to really get him interested.

• Make it active – If your son loves sports, find a way to make his room an active space that he can have fun in. Turn a corner into a workout area by installing a boxing bag or weight lifting machine, or put up a mini basketball hoop on the back of the door to give him somewhere to practice his jump shot. You could even make the floor look like a sports stadium with Astroturf or wood.

• Create a chalkboard wall – Let your son explore his creativity with a fun and interactive chalkboard wall. Cover a wall with chalkboard paint and stock up on colored chalk so your son can use it to keep track of his homework or chores, to play Hangman with friends, or to keep score during a gaming tournament. He can also use it to draw artwork or pictures.

 Use wall stickers – Wall stickers are a great way to add art that’s not permanent. Choose one of your son’s favorite athlete, a cool design or pattern, or anything else that strikes your son’s fancy. They’re temporary and easily removable, so if his interests change, you won’t have to repaint; simply take down the sticker and put up a new one!

If you need more teen boy bedroom decorating ideas, browse our blog, where there are tons of other suggestions that he’ll love. If you want to finalize your son’s room with a great bed set, come to Parklane Mattresses today.