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An adjustable mattress can give you these sleep benefits and more.

With so many choices in terms of size, materials, and comfort levels, choosing a new mattress can be hard, and now there’s yet another decision to add to your selection: adjustability. In addition to all of your original options, you’ll need to determine if you want an adjustable mattress and, more specifically, if you want a mattress that can change positions and set-ups easily, or if you would rather have one that lies flat and stays put.

Parklane Mattresses can help you make that decision. Check out the benefits you can enjoy from an adjustable mattress below. If any of these could make a difference in your sleep patterns or lifestyle, an adjustable mattress may be the right choice for you.

An adjustable mattress can:

  • Make it easier to read, watch TV, eat, or do other activities comfortably in bed.
  • Help relieve ailments like sleep apnea, snoring, teeth grinding and more.
  • Reduce pressure points while you sleep, giving you a more restful, satisfying slumber.
  • Allow for improved circulation.
  • Improve airflow while you sleep.

Some adjustable mattress brands are equipped with massaging tools as well, so when you’re sore, worn out, or just plain tired, your bed can gently massage your muscles until you relax and fall asleep peacefully. Many of these sorts of adjustable mattresses come with remotes too, so you don’t even have to get up to change your position. You can simply press a button and enjoy the added comfort as your bed adjusts itself.

If you would like to learn more about mattresses or try an adjustable mattress for yourself, stop by Parklane Mattresses today. Our expert staff will be happy to help.