No two people are the same – in personality, in likes, in dislikes, and certainly not in sleeping preferences. It’s the latter that can make sharing a bed with a partner particularly difficult. What if you like a soft, cushiony bed and your feet elevated, while your spouse likes it sturdy and with extra back support? There’s no traditional mattress that can meet all those needs in one.

Fortunately, there’s another option: adjustable beds. The best adjustable beds can allow you and your partner to:

  • Customize your sleeping positions to your exact preferences and needs – With an adjustable bed, you and your partner can have the exact sleeping surface you want, without annoying or disturbing the other. Elevate your head, lower your feet, and make whatever adjustments you need to feel comfortable!
  • Avoid waking each other when tossing, turning, or getting up – Since adjustable beds allow you to essentially have your own mattress while still sharing one, it makes it much harder to disturb the other. Getting up, moving, or tossing and turning won’t even phase your partner on an adjustable bed!
  • Watch TV or read easily in bed Like to read or watch TV before hitting the sack? An adjustable bed makes it a breeze. Just elevate your torso, and sit comfortably and easily for as long as you like. When you’re ready to close your eyes, lower it back down, and you’re good to go.
  • Adapt to any injuries or aches and pains – Adjustable beds also make adapting to injuries easier. Have a leg injury from your work’s softball league? Adjust your bed accordingly. Feeling aches and pain from arthritis? Make adjustments without ever bothering your partner.

The best adjustable beds can be truly life-changing, especially for couples. They can allow both you and your partner to sleep more soundly and more comfortably for years to come. Want to try out an adjustable bed for yourself? Stop by a Parklane Mattresses location today.